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Pediatric Dental Emergencies
Arlington, WA

Young girl holding her cheek due to a tooth ache.We know that emergencies involving your child can be terrifying, especially dental emergencies. But at Arlington Pediatric Dentistry, our job is making sure that your child gets the best possible care at all times, including emergencies. Here's some information on how to handle some common dental emergencies and how you can best help your child.

Lost or Broken Tooth

Losing teeth is just a part of growing up for everyone. Most of us have memories of getting our teeth knocked out on the playground, and just how scary that can be. But there are a few simple steps to handling this situation. First, you'll want to make sure the tooth is fully knocked out and not just broken. This information is helpful for us to know before we can help repair the damage. If your child has lost an adult tooth, try to find it, as we may be able to replant it in your child's mouth. If it was a baby tooth, then don't worry about that - baby teeth can't be replanted. But either way, make sure to come see us as soon as possible. Even if your kiddo has only lost a baby tooth, it's important that we replace the tooth with a spacer so the adult tooth underneath can grow in properly.


If your child has a toothache that lasts for a half hour or less, then there's no need to come see us. But if the pain lasts longer, then it may be time to give us a call. We can take x-rays and administer a full exam to discover the source of the pain and treat it. As in all emergencies, dental or otherwise, try to remain calm. Your child will be looking to you for how to react, and a relaxed parent means a relaxed child!

Cracked Tooth

Sometimes a tooth can be damaged, but not fully broken or knocked out, just cracked. This may seem less serious than a lost tooth, but it's still vital that you bring your child in as soon as possible. Without treatment, a cracked tooth can become infected, and the nerve can be damaged or even killed. Once your child is in with us, we can use x-rays to determine the size of the fracture and treat it.


As always, the best way to handle an emergency is to make sure it never happens in the first place. Make sure all hard corners in your home are covered, to ensure that your child doesn't knock out a tooth. If your child plays any sports, always keep a mouthguard for them to use. You should also prevent your child from chewing on hard things like ice or popcorn kernels that may damage their teeth.

The number one best way to prevent any dental emergencies is to keep bringing your child in for their ADA scheduled checkups. Don't wait for an emergency to bring your kid in! Regular checkups will help us to spot any possible trouble signs before they become dangerous. Remember, we here at Arlington Pediatric Dentistry are your resource, so don't hesitate to give us a call at 360-657-1650 to ask questions or set up an appointment today!
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Pediatric Dental Emergencies • Arlington, WA
But at Arlington Pediatric Dentistry, our job is making sure that your child gets the best possible care at all times, including emergencies. Learn more here.
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