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Age 1 to 2 Visits

Taking your child for a dental visit at the age of one to two familiarizes your child with the dentist's chair. Our dental team also educates parents on proper ways of caring for their baby's teeth. Our pediatric dentistry services are comprehensive and address the dental needs of your child. Our pediatric dentists at Arlington Pediatric Dentistry are compassionate and kind and will adequately take care of your baby.

We have the right tools, experience, and knowledge to handle all dental issues in children. Our holistic approach ensures we identify dental problems early and capture them before they progress. Our team specializes in children's dental needs and ensures their excellent health. Please take advantage of our superior dental services for your child. Consider the following factors when preparing for a dental visit for a child at the age of one to two.

Be Intentional When Scheduling Dental Appointments

Children aged one to two tend to be fussy and may make dental visits challenging. When scheduling a dental appointment, find a time when your child is well-fed, well-rested, and less fussy. Morning appointments work great for children of this age. Call our dental team a day before the visit to ensure adequate preparation.

Make the Dental Visit Fun

Your child might not be amused with a visit to the dentist. The lights, dental chair, or dental equipment might elicit fear. To prevent such a problem, make the dental visit as fun as possible. You can carry comfort items such as toys, stuffed animals, or drawing books to make them feel comfortable. You can also offer a reward at the end of the dental visit.

Things to Expect at the Baby’s Dental Visit

During a dental visit, our pediatric dentists check the health of the teeth, gums, and jaw of your child. The examination helps to rule out common dental problems in children, such as cavities and decay. Our dentists can opt to clean the teeth, or they will train you on the proper ways to take care of the child's teeth and gums. If you have any questions or concerns about your child's dental health, you are free to ask our dentists. One standard procedure our dentists can recommend is the installation of dental sealants.

Why Does Your Child Require Dental Sealants?

Sealants are plastic coatings that offer a protective layer for the tooth enamel. The coatings prevent food particles and bacteria from penetrating the tooth surfaces. It is a typical preventive procedure that ensures your child’s teeth are protected from cavities and decay. The sealants are painless and easy to install, safeguarding the premolars and molars from cavities. They can offer protection for up to five years.

Dental visits considerably impact your child's dental health. It is the best way to ensure your child has healthy baby teeth and good oral health. Our pediatric dentists offer an excellent environment for your child. Visit our clinic, Arlington Pediatric Dentistry, for personalized services. For more information about our pediatric dental services, contact us at 360-657-1650.
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